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All copies purchased direct from me will be signed.

The Ones I Left Behind - Signed Paperback

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Toni Brooks has few rules for relationships and only one goal when it comes to love: do not get attached. The only thing worse than falling in love is losing yourself in the process. When choosing between fight or flight, Toni picks flight. Yes, Toni is a ghoster and a damn good one.


    Although she’s given up on love professionally, she is a top contender for the Emerging Voice award from the Black Media Association. Her final assignment for the coveted award leads her home for the first time in ten years. She discovers the city is more vibrant, her family is in crisis, and the one she let go is sitting right in front of her.


    Bradley Stewart matured like premium whisky over the four years since they’ve seen each other, and Toni bets her prized guitar that he tastes just as good. Toni realizes she should’ve never left him. However, neither her soul-baring song nor the sparks that fly when they touch are enough to sway Bradley. He’s moved on and wants nothing to do with her or her long-overdue apology.


    Forced to stay home for the foreseeable future, Toni must repair her relationships and cement her happily ever after before she loses the people she should’ve never let go.

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